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Did you know that Chicago, the third most populous city in the United States, tops the list for the nation’s most bug-infested cities? Yes, it is high time for you to keep your eyes and ears open for any pest activities, because according to a survey conducted last year, Chicago suffers the worst pest problem in the country! Pest Control Chicago is the #1 solution for eliminating rodents and critters in the city.

Bed bugs, ants, spiders, and rodents have been some of the most common pest treatments in homes across Chicago, therefore raising some serious health and environmental concerns. This surely raises the question: Is your home pest-free, or do you need pest control? To get your answer, read more about pests, the various problems caused by them, as well as the importance of pest control in Chicago.

Common Pests that Inhabit Homes

If left untreated, pest and bugs can breed and spread quickly throughout homes, causing health repercussions and substantial property damage. Worst-case scenario, it could leave your entire home inhabitable. Therefore, it is highly advised that you do not disregard any situation of pest infestation within your home. Besides, the earlier they are identified, the more effectively they can be eliminated. Below are a few of the most common pests that exist in Chicago:

1.      Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are difficult to control, as their colonies can consist of thousands of them, if left untreated. They breed extremely fast and are an even bigger nuisance than ants, because they feed on your blood while you sleep. Usually active during the night, bed bug bites can cause severe itchiness and redness, which can only be treated with steroid creams or oral medication. However, in most cases, no treatment is required, as the symptoms begin to disappear over time.

2.      Termites

These particular bugs should never be taken lightly, especially if you live in a house with a wooden structure. That is because termites are able to chew through wood easily and can cause massive property damage. According to the National Pest Management Association, Americans have been burdened with more than $5 billion in property damages due to termite infestations. Additionally, it is extremely hard to spot termites, because they are tiny.

So, consider getting termite control in Chicago, as it could take months or even years before you are able to identify an ongoing infestation. However, do not let their size fool you – they can cause some serious damage!

3.      Ants

Just like bed bugs, ants can number in thousands at any given time. Due to their large quantities and undisrupted activity during a major part of the warmer seasons, ants have grown to become the most common pest in the US. Their typical hideouts in homes are basements or cracks in walls, but they are also capable of making their home anywhere. Most forms of food attract ants, especially sweet items that emit a scent. Ant bites usually cause redness, swelling and itching of the skin. In some cases, allergies may be triggered by ant bites, for which appropriate medical treatment is required.

4.      Roaches

Because roaches are associated with countless diseases, they tend to be a lot more dangerous than bed bugs and ants. They often carry large amounts of bacteria and pathogens, which can cause food poisoning. In severe causes, this can lead to vomiting and bloody diarrhea. To eliminate the threat posed by roaches, either roach baits or boric acid is required. However, to get rid of a roach infestation effectively, it is recommended you get the services of a professional pest control company.

5.      Rodents

Yes, rodents are not a part of the bug family, but it does not discount the fact that they are still awful pests! Rodents, like rats, for example, are capable of transmitting numerous different diseases, and guess what; they are quite good at doing so. Therefore, if you ever come across a rodent roaming around your house, do not stop and think. Get rodent control in Chicago, so that immediate steps can be taken to get it out as soon as possible, or else the diseases could prove fatal.

Watch Out for Signs of Pest Infestation

Do you suspect any of the pests we mentioned above may be infesting your home? Then, it is time for you to scan your premises from top to bottom, checking every nook and cranny. However, the truth is that pests are great at hiding, so finding a pest infestation in your home (if any) could be a difficult task. Nevertheless, there are several signs you can look for throughout your home, which could signify an infestation or pest problem. They are as follows:

1.      Grease Tracks & Marks

Mice and rats have the tendency to travel through the same course every day, therefore leaving tracks and evidence along the way. Rats can also often be seen running along the walls, which can leave grease marks. Urine trails, footprints on dust paths, and fecal droppings can also be seen as signs of possible infestation.

2.      Pest Droppings

As awful as it may sound, this is one of the best evidences that a pest infestation may be present in your home. Therefore, research about the droppings of different pests, as it can allow you to identify the type of pest you could be dealing with. Additionally, make sure to look for signs of bed bugs and roach egg cases.

3.      Nesting Proof

Mice and rats can make nests with whatever available to them. So, grab a flashlight and investigate all the crannies and nooks throughout your home. Also, do not forget to look behind appliances in the kitchen for traces of shredded paper, as there is a possibility they may be used for nesting purposes.

4.      Odd Sounds & Smells

Pests give off certain recognizable smells. According to some experts, bed bugs have a musty, sweet odor. On the other hand, rats smell like ammonia, mice emit a urine smell, while roaches have an ‘oily’ odor.

5.      Dead Bugs Indoors

Check the basement, window ledges, and other suspected areas for dead bugs. If you find many bugs of a similar species, it is likely that they are living on your property.

6.      Check the Wood in Your Home for Damage

If your house has a wooden structure, you should look for signs of termites, as they are capable of causing significant damage. They can also eat through your wooden furniture, thus creating conditions unsafe for living. So, look for signs of termite damage, including sagging floors or visible holes. Fecal pellets or the shed wings of termites are also strong indications of a termite infestation.

7.      Damaged Lawn Patches

If your lawn has unusual signs of damage, such as circular brown areas or uneven grass length, it is likely that it may be a pest infestation.

8.      Ant Hills

Are there too many ants around your property? If so, check along fence lines for piles of grained dirt with a small hole on the top. Usually, you will be able to see ants coming in and out of the ‘volcano-type’ hill.

Reasons to Consider the Professional Services of Pest Control Chicago IL

While you can take up pest control tasks on your own, you can gain a variety of benefits by using professional services. Besides, these companies have professional technicians who know how to handle and eradicate pest infestations before they get out of hand. Here are a few reasons why you need to consider getting an exterminator in Chicago instead of DIY:

Get Plans According to Your Needs

When you send professionals into your home, you can rest assured your home will be free of invaders in a matter of time. That is because the treatment plans are created according to your specific needs. Factors such as the scope of infestation, the size of your home, and long-term prevention are taken into account, allowing them to treat affected areas in your home more effectively.

Enjoy a Risk-Free Experience

Do you know that eliminating a killer bee can attract the entire hive towards you? If you use the wrong elimination methods, the results can be potentially devastating. Mice will scatter, while bees will swarm, that too, carrying harmful diseases with them. Hiring pest control services means that a professional would be dealing with the potential nests as well as the risks involved with them.

Hazardous Products Are Used Safely

While professionals have the products and tools on hand to handle pest infestations, they also have the expertise to use these hazardous products safely. This ensures your family is not exposed to dangerous chemicals.

Time Is Not an Issue

As you probably know, it takes some time to control pest infestations. This is because the timely use of pest control products is imperative for effective protection of your home against pests. If you attempt to do it on your own, it is likely that you will forget when to retreat your home. The professionals, however, will monitor and report every spray they make. They will also know when to retreat until the product finally stops working.

It Will Cost You a Fee, but…

It can save you thousands of dollars in the long run, which could go into repairs if carpenter ants colonies or termites go unnoticed. Obviously, with no previous experience or knowledge, you would not be able to inspect your premises for pests properly. Pest control professionals, on the other hand, know what exactly to look for. Besides, compared to repairing the damage caused by a prolonged termite infestation, the cost of these services is negligible as well.

Sick & Tired of Pests? – Protect Your Property from ‘Bugs on the Run’

Do you suspect a pest problem in your home? Are you not quite sure what to do? If so, we can help you get rid of your pest problem effectively with our wide range of professional pest control services in Chicago.

Why Choose Us?

You definitely might be thinking, “What sets them apart from the others”? Well, here is how we are different from other pest control companies in Chicago:

Quick Response

Our teams of highly professional technicians are always prepped and ready for any pest emergencies. Therefore, when you call us, you can rest assured that a team will reach your location as quickly as possible!

Friendly Technicians

While our technicians are thorough professionals, they are also nice folks who will not gouge you. They are honest and are always happy to serve you, our customers! Call us, and expect the job to be completed with a big smile!

Fully Insured

If there are any damages to your home during the treatment or inspection process, you will be happy to know that we take full responsibility for any losses caused by us. Our company has a comprehensive insurance policy, which will cover the payments for any damages.

Child & Pet-Friendly Products and Methods

You will find many companies using products that contain harmful chemicals. Not only does this prove harmful for the environment in and around your home, but it also raises concerns about the safety of your children and pets, something you cannot take a chance on.

We, however, use products and methods that are 100% child and pet-friendly.  Although, we do recommend keeping children and pets clear from the infected area, you can still rest assured the products and methods we use will have no negative impacts whatsoever.

Guaranteed Results

The products and methods we use are specialized and highly effective, so you can expect immediate results after our technicians are done with your home.

Our services include 

  • Termite Control
  • Rodents Control
  • Bed Bugs Control
  • Insect Control
  • Bird Control


So, whether termites are ruining your furniture, rodents spreading filth or bed bugs secretly sucking the blood out of you while you sleep, give Bugs on the Run a call TODAY to schedule an appointment or get additional information about pests, and get rid of your pest problems in the most effective way possible, once and for all!

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